Welcome to the e-crib! Here we tell well crafted stories. Stories with style, like a voluptuous woman in a dress the size of a hand towel, wearing a nice smile who sits with her legs crossed but sometimes opens them because, why not? She will go for evening dinners and sometimes she’ll use a fork and knife or just her God given hands. She will be bitchy, she will throw a harangue but you can’t hate her because it’s hard to hate a woman who is gowned in a nice smile.

Here we love good books. Books that inform. Books that entertain. Books that open up our minds. Not the loyal housewife kind of books that sit at home knitting a sweater while waiting for their wayward husband who is filling his night with a mistress. No! We’re into books that challenge the status quo, books that chew ordinary conventions and throw them out of the window.

Let’s say you’re suburban and you’re a little showy…don’t worry we got you covered too, we use words like ‘livid’ and phrases like ‘knock the wind out of your sail’ just for you.

Rules of Engagement

Do you love what we love? Then grab a seat. The kitchen is all the way at the comment section, you can eat anything in the fridge just make sure you pick after yourself. But if you’re the kind who doesn’t like to make a mess. The kind who doesn’t like to make a big fuss or attract too much attention to themselves. Then the remote is on top of the camphor table (I’ve always wanted to have a camphor table in my crib and here are my dreams coming true; see God?) – Where were we? Yes, the remote. You can change channels from short stories, book reviews, to bachelor escapades. If you’re looking for a gripping read to soak in for a while, I have a book out, find it here. If you like what you read share it so that others like you can discover us.

Welcome again to the e-crib! We hope you enjoy your stay enough to come back again. If you have a car (Inquiries, suggestions, submissions) hand over the keys to our valet—Contact

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