Millennials, We Need To Talk

image source: YFS Magazine
image source: YFS Magazine

Do you spend a huge chunk of your day staring at your phone screen? Would you feel paralyzed without an internet connection? Do you own a selfie stick? Ok I might be pushing it with the selfie stick but if your answer is yes to any of the two questions then congratulations you’re a millennial. Is it something to be proud of? Yes and no. Yes, because we consume more information than any of the previous generations. No, because most of us are passive aggressive and we’d rather sit on the couch and bicker about issues than actually get up and be the change we want to see.

It’s crazy that most millennials I have interacted with are saying they won’t vote come 2017. “Why should I vote when it’s the same hyenas running for elections?” They chime and I agree, it’s the same old faces in GOVT heckling us because of our defeatist mentality.

Fraud cases are skyrocketing because these dinosaurs know they can afford to be complacent because nothing will happen to them. They know the change makers will be sited pretty at home flipping through channels looking at provisional results thinking to themselves, ‘I knew it!’ And having a jig in the stomach for not wasting our time queuing to vote while at the same time feeling like traitors because in our hearts of hearts we know we’ve failed our country.

Why Should I Vote?

Every-time (especially Millennials) we keep singing that we want change. That we want more opportunities. It is a melodious song but it’s useless if we don’t follow through by electing people who share our vision.

How is it fair that a graduate who has gone through the pains of completing a university education can tarmac for over a year without getting a job? How is it fair that when we do get a job it’s at NYS where we’re paid a measly income of 500 bob while the honchos with spiraling vitambis sitting comfortably in football pitch sized offices steal our money in the millions in the name of buying PDF’s, wheelbarrows, El Nino soaps and condom dispensers?

We’re the majority in this country and we need to get ANGRY! Angry enough to put these hyenas who have been fleecing us for years too long on notice. Angry enough to say enough is enough and use the one weapon that we have to bring change.

Let’s not listen to the old folk, they’re still stuck in yester-year thinking, tribal thinking, mtu wetu thinking. Does mtu wenyu help you when you’re tarmacking? Does mtu wenyu help you when you go to buy a packet of unga and the price keeps rising because of a weak shilling? Does mtu wenyu help your sick relative who you have to fund-raise for and take to India because Kenyan hospitals are inadequate? NO! NO! NO!

Who Will I Vote For?

A good candidate always runs. We had Peter Kenneth in 2012, someone who had a proven track record, someone who was not out to rob us but we instead decided to vote for him on social platforms. Come Election Day we went back to the ‘mtu wetu’ tribal cocoons and re-installed the same virus that was giving us hell.

We’re educated and informed yet we play ourselves by putting thieves and criminals in office.

Dear millennials lets decolonize our minds and register to vote. Let’s get out of the house in our numbers and vote for someone who will create an enabling environment for innovation and talent. Someone who will secure our future and that of our children.

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