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Below are the articles that have been most read on the blog. Enjoy!

best articles of all time

The Sponsor – Is the most read article on the site, it touches on sugar Daddy’s.

Rich and Dysfunctional – narrates the lives of the super wealthy and their distance from reality. 

Chips Funga – The flippant life of taking random strangers to your bed. 

The Girls I’ve Loved Before – A Few life lessons from the few women I have rubbed shoulders with. 

Forever After – Relationships and their capricious nature.

Lust Not Love – Sometimes we think it’s love but it’s really just our mind playing tricks on us.

The Bachelor Pad – I take you in and show you how I live. Try not to step on the carpet with your shoes.

A Man and His Tears – Yes, men do cry and sometimes it’s beautiful. 

Her Drunk Boyfriend – Sometimes enough is enough but enough doesn’t mean you have moved on.

Ripe For Marriage – Oh, did I mention I’m a bachelor. My parents are always prattling about marriage. Listen to them.

35 Years Apart – My mom is an old soul, I’m always learning from her well of wisdom. 

To My Little Sister – A Letter to my smallest sibling. It brought the waterworks when I wrote it.