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As I write the adventures of Katana certain things begin to be revealed to me. This story cannot be restricted to a thriller and it must instead become what it was meant to be all along; High Fantasy. It gets disclosed to me in bits and pieces so here is what I know so far.


This is Katana’s playground. A world with six provinces and a city. They include; Ernett where we find Churo Village, Muige, Dol Dol, Keepia Greenland, Anasa, The Province of Silk, and Nobii City. A chief governs each province with the exemption of the city which is the capital of Keepia and the seat of The Great Ruler.

Ernett Province

The people of Ernett are known for their love of alcohol and gossip. It is said that if you want an Ernett man to know something, put it in his cups or on the lips of a woman. In Ernett Province, you will find an isolated village called Churo where Katana hails from. It is remote and virgin but recently that is changing as men like Njoro penetrate and pump it full of alcohol.

Muige Province

Muige is mostly a forest. There was once a town but it disappeared out of the blue. Some in Churo village say it was swallowed by the forest which is a living breathing thing, while others claim The Great Healers of the forest practiced dark magic to the point the gods were displeased and annihilated the town altogether. What is truly known is after the town came to ruin, the man-eaters of Muige forest emerged.

Dol Dol Province

This is where we are currently in the story. This is the biggest province in Keepia. A desert wasteland with a self-proclaimed King called Ayaan and his Queen Hani. A place where the winds are strong enough to topple a full-grown camel and when you combine them with the sand—they are catastrophic! Known to rip the flesh off the bone like the sun melts butter. Dol Dol is prone to fights and there are always attacks. It is still unknown how Dol Dol is a desert wasteland yet among the wealthiest provinces in Keepia.

Keepia Greenland

Lore has it that their prophets are born from the grass. These prophets style themselves as seers who can see and predict tomorrow. The most religious people are found here and they are known to fast day and night, sometimes for weeks at a time when their seeing ability is blocked, to the point some have found their deaths trying to re-open this blocked door.

The Province of Silk

The Province of Silk is bursting with trade and erudition. It is here that you will find the biggest banks and schools in all of Keepia, with some people who are so learned it is said they move things with their minds instead of their hands.

People are always looking to enter The Province of Silk because it is a province of plenty. There are no watchmen, guards, or soldiers, you will only find learned friends at their gates. The ticket to enter is a pure mind. If they read your mind and find impure thoughts, you are turned back and if you must enter the province, the cost is amputation of a limb of your choosing.

You will find a lot of people with limbs made of wood, metal, and plastic. Some hail the learned friends for their abilities, while others in hushed tones say that the learned friends can’t exactly control nor read minds and it is just a cheap way for them to instill fear and to find people for their distasteful experiments.

Nobii City

Nobii City is the seat of the Great Ruler of Keepia. It is the most advanced in all of the land. It brings people from all the provinces. It is a liberal city and for that reason, it is full of debauchery and anarchy. There have been countless plots of overthrowing the Great Ruler but they have all been thwarted. It is said that he uses dark magic to keep his people obedient and his enemies weak.

Anasa Province

Anasa is the latest province to emerge from Keepia. Growing too big in size to be absorbed by Nobii City. Where Nobii City is known for anarchy and debauchery. Anasa Province is known for its fierce lovers. Who often court a woman for years on end before taking her to bed. Many women travel far and wide to find these men. And the population of women here has overwhelmed that of men, leading to a lot of polygamous relations. Anasa Province is also preferred for its proximity to the Ocean. An Ocean that is said to have demons and angels alike.

Those are all the lands of Keepia. There is more to them than meets the eye and they will unfold as the story progresses. I will edit the names of the people and the places to suit this map with time. For now, I hope you have built an even larger appetite for Katana On Trial. Let’s meet in the next episode.

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