Can I get a round of applause? Come on, we have been coming here every Thursday since January, we can do better than that. Ah, that is much better. I have realized I have been in my words, forgetting to raise my head and ask, “How are you doing?”

Overwhelmed by taxes, inflation, and the hustler being hustled? I know, I know. We have all been going through it. But there have been some good things despite it all. Breath, for example, health. Wealth? I wish. Japes notwithstanding there has been nothing to complain about, at least not for me, but this is not about me, it’s about you, remember?

So how have you been? Did you start school, or finish school, or do you prefer the school of hard knocks? Did you get a new job or get fired from a previous one, and say to hell with it all after remembering you are good at sewing and now you make sweaters for a living? Did you move, and find new love, did it blossom or did you blossom out of it? I want to hear it all.

And today I can also sit, eat my popcorn, and get entertained. I promise you won’t need to ask me twice for a proper round of applause. We all deserve it for making it this far in the year.


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