“Behind every successful man is a woman and behind every drug-dealer is a seductress.”

Kariuki Kimuyu is a Nairobi based writer. His debut book, The Engagement is a beautifully written, fervent story where love, drugs, money and affairs collide.

Oyunga, a chef finds himself tangled in a web of drugs and deceit. Lily his fiancee is the puppet mistress, an over the top beautiful woman whose fairness men succumb to, but how long will Oyunga play to her beat when he’s caught the eye of another woman?

How do you get the ebook? The first three chapters are free, find a download file, link below. However the next twenty seven chapters have a cost. Send KSH 300 to 0725 225 880. After payment send the M-Pesa code you receive to talk@kisauti.com and get your copy. In case of any queries send an email or tweet or message the author on social.

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Download the first three chapters free on the link below.

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