I have always thought of writing as this art form that sings to me. An art form that is often insecure, existing on bookshelves, newspaper pages and magazines, nervously and unsure, waiting to give itself to the first stranger who gives it attention. An art form that is sometimes messy like the stickiness of cake and cream on your fingers. But amidst the insecurity and the mess, it still has a way of holding your hand and taking you on an adventure. An adventure where you get to make friends, travel and learn. Some books are like a hurricane, rearranging your thought process, others are like the sea breeze, calming. Regardless of your preference, they both make you a little better, teach you a little something and unfold you out of your own head.

In that way I have always found books fascinating. I will enter bookshops or stand at a roadside bookstore to just pick one and give it attention. To touch it, rub it and feel the dip of its spine and the texture of its brittle pages. That fascination spilled from enjoying other books to dreaming of writing my own. That dream becomes a reality today with the launch of The Engagement. It is set in three cities: the busy hectic, bedlam that is Nairobi. The hot, raunchy, nefarious  Mombasa and the quaint and quiet Kisumu. Those are the playgrounds of our characters. Characters who are not perfect. Characters who are people like you and me. They make mistakes, they are sometimes driven by their carnal needs. Some want to step up and be better but life gets in the way.

This is a book you pick up if you want to be entertained, if you love pace and beautiful prose. A book where characters get indecent and make you bite your lower lip as you dive deep in its pages, because here we’re not Victorian writers who ignore the one thing that drives human beings the most. Pick it up, put your legs up and get lost in it and if you enjoy it tell a friend or three and comment below with a sentence or two of what you think about it.

Download the full book on the link below. For readers outside Kenya get us on Amazon’s Kindle

I hope you enjoy The Engagement as much as I enjoyed penning it. I was up all night putting this together. (Apparently formatting a book is an art on its own) I’m off for a power nap. Can the first person to read this remove the milk from the freezer? Thank you.

The Engagement - A Novel (24404 downloads)


Editor credit: Shiku Ngigi

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