You are at the mall. You are at the mall time and again, even though you are in campus and...
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Rumor Has It

Little was known about Njoro, and so there were a lot of rumors going around. “He had worked for a...
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I said a small prayer after getting out of bed. If I was going to be robbed of my earthly...
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Beyond The Mind

There is a life question that we struggle with: “What will I have for lunch?” Well, no. But close. We...
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Return Of Njoro

Njoro came back the next day on his black mamba bicycle. The complaining of its un-oiled pedal announced him, and...
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2022 Moments

This year started with a call from a classmate. I had just dropped my second novel and she called to...
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The Gift Of Courage

In this story, I meet a girl with a cold, and a guy called Protus. An attendant tries to get...
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Beginning Of Sin

I won’t say it was anger that made me make the decision I did, but in retrospect, It might have...
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Katana On Trial

People need a villain and they need him perhaps more than they need a hero. They need someone to point...
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My mom won’t take a break; she wants to do everything: cook, do laundry, supervise our construction site, call Elon...
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Hi. I'M Kisauti.

I’m the author of Drug Paradise which is available at Text Book Centre, on Amazon and from me. I drop new pieces here every Wednesday. Subscribe and follow me on social @wakimuyu to get updates on writing projects and sneak peeks into my life. 

Top Stories

Eight Years of Toxic Love – It’s the most read story on the site, and for a good reason.

The Broken Man – I was flat on my back. I had just quit my job to give writing a stab. I started selling things in my house and when there was nothing left to sell, I ran for the village.

From the Dirt – Some people come from humble beginnings, I come from the dirt. 

The Sponsor – Its a free world, you can do what you please but choices have consequences. 

Rich and Dysfunctional – Money makes the world go round but sometimes it just makes our heads go round. 

Chips Funga – It has very little to do with fries, maybe the take-away part.

The Girls I’ve Loved Before – A few life lessons from the few (very few) women I’ve rubbed shoulders with. 

Forever After – You might be in the wrong place if you think this has a Disney like ending.

Lust Not Love – The heart wants what the heart wants and so does the flesh.

The Bachelor Pad – I take you in and show you how I live. Try not to step on the carpet, I just vacuumed. 

A Man and His Tears – Yes, men do cry and it’s beautiful.

Ripe For Marriage – Oh, did I mention I’m a bachelor. My parents are always prattling about marriage. Have a seat. Listen.

35 Years Apart – My mom is a sage. I’m always learning from her well of wisdom. 

To My Little Sister – A letter to my sister. It brought the waterworks.

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