Bobobo The Fool

Katana On Trial: Episode 18

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The silhouette of the man began coming towards us. Beatrice screamed and hid behind me. I said my usual prayer. I thanked God for allowing me to experience the love of my parents and the free spirit of Beatrice before making fists and getting ready to defend our honor but then, the silhouette started laughing while pointing at my private parts.

It was then that I realized that I had a patch of water around my trousers and that the man in question was none other than Bobobo The Fool. He had been following us from Churo village to The Great Healers lair and was now with us in Mugie forest.

“We won’t be able to feed him,” Beatrice barked while jumping from behind me; having found her courage.

“A big man like him is useful,” I said while thinking of all the dangerous things that were hiding in the forest, as we sat down next to the fire. Bobobo pointed at my pants and laughed yet again.

It was strange because the patch on my pants was not that big and did not smell. Had I urinated water, I wondered? “Have you never ejaculated before?” Beatrice asked with mischief in her voice while Bobobo continued laughing. “Let’s put out the fire and get going. Someone else could be in these woods,” I said, changing topics.

“Who else could be following us?” Beatrice dismissed me. “Njoro and Mama Linda?” I am willing to bet The Great Healer told them that the gods needed Njoro’s bicycle for appeasement,” she said and joined Bobobo in laughter. “Besides, you said it yourself. A big man is useful and we have one right here. Bobobo, why don’t you be a good boy and stand guard while I show Katana that trousers are not the only place he can ejaculate?” she added and giggled.

She had been right about The Great Healer. After we made it to Dol Dol rumor would reach us about how he told Njoro amid Mama Linda’s gnashing of teeth, that he had given his bicycle to the gods to cleanse his house and clear his path to success and how Njoro had never been the same after that.

He had begun spending his days in front of his Posho Pub staring into space, asking Mama Linda if a tree, a woman and her kiondoo, or a man and his wheelbarrow in the distance were his Black Mamba bicycle.

Beatrice finally agreed to get on the bicycle after realizing I wouldn’t sit next to her, leave alone lie down. I did not want to feel dizzy and lightheaded again, nor did I want my heart beating out of my chest to the point it felt like it would stop. She would later tell me that was the fun of it and I would wonder for days what fool would knowingly expose themselves to that.

Bobobo followed us from behind. I was cycling slowly not to tire him too much. With my pace, I realized that we would be in Mugie forest for two more nights. Beatrice had been unhinged and I could not predict her next move, nor could anyone predict that of Bobobo The Fool.

Something else disturbed my mind. It was common folklore in Churo village that there were eerier people in Mugie forest. People who did not feast on goat, cow, or chicken meat like we did but instead preferred the taste of humans. The unoiled parts of Njoro’s bicycle screamed, Bobobos big feet crashed into the dry leaves as this thought replayed in my mind like a broken record.

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