A Song To Mother

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I have been reading Adrienne Rich and he’s made me feel a little bit like a poet. I wrote these four poems on an early morning when it was raining outside and I was very conflicted inside. Read them and soak in the imagery. Feel the cars wheeze, smell the strong perfume, feel the weight that comes when you have passions that won’t cook in your time frame then come back and tell me Adrienne Rich would be ashamed.


The cars wheeze like an asthmatic kid

Motorbikes roar like a broken generator

Rain drops hit the already moist ground, slipping down the road


Birds chirp cheerfully, they live for today

The Keyboard clicks; softly, silently

A tear hits it gently as he types

It’s incomprehensible,

How it can be serene outside and chaotic inside



Her perfume impregnates his nose

Her fashions fall beautifully on her curves

She’s perfect

She smiles at his naivety

She will be the reason he takes to the noose



The loud ding of responsibilities chimes

The loud bang of matrimony rips the hinges off

He is deaf


There is a God to go and worship on Sundays

There is tithe to pay; so the good works of the Lord can continue

He is deaf


There is society to please

There are expectations to live up to

He is deaf to all of it


A Song To Mother

He is not the son she hoped he will be

He won’t be a doctor

Or a lawyer

He is sorry


He won’t stay grounded

He won’t be stable  

He won’t give her grandkids

He is sorry

PS: This was my first stab at poetry, I hope I did it justice. A big thank you to theveon for editing the piece.

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