The Truth Comes Out

Katana On Trial: Episode 15

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It was odd how The Great Healer knew every last detail about what Beatrice had been up to when she had been drunk. There was a circus before we got to the sacrifice of blood. “I have heard that you are showing people your breasts?” He stared at Beatrice lustily. Beatrice did not dare say a word and her eyes remained firmly fixed to the floor.

“I have been told that you want the whole world to see your round breasts?” he said even louder and grabbed Beatrice by the arm. Njoro and I stood up to defend her but from the corner of my eye, I saw Mama Linda stopping Njoro. “Let him do his work,” she whispered and we both settled back in our chairs.

“Are these the round breasts you want everyone to see?” The Great Healer added after yanking Beatrice’s flimsy blouse and old brassiere from her body with such force that she whimpered. “Let them be seen,” he barked. Njoro stared at Mama Linda with unease but she remained calm as if nothing was happening. “It must be done,” she said with a firm voice.

“These breasts belong only to your husband,” The Great Healer was now saying, cupping both of them from behind Beatrice. He then reached for a bottle of something and continued working his mouth. “With this oil, let their nipples never point to another man but always in the direction of your husband.” He took his time oiling them and only stopped after I coughed.

This would go on to be a heated debate in Churo village and the drinking dens of Kabarnet town with some drunkards saying The Great Healer was simply oiling the evil out of Beatrice’s breasts, while others claimed that The Great Healer was more like The Great Pervert and the children he had sired out of wedlock were well known all over Baringo county.

“I have been told that you want the whole world to see your wide hips?” The Great Healer continued and started tugging at Beatrice’s skirt. “Great Healer, surely, your portions can still work while my wife is clothed,” Njoro said having had enough. “The portions must go deep into her skin to cure her evil,” The Healer barked. “No!” I said, standing up and that was when all hell broke loose.

“You have a loving first wife,” The Great Healer said irritated. “But there is someone else that is keeping your second wife from loving you,” he added, paused, and pointed at me. “A sacrifice of blood must be done,” he barked. My knees got weak and I sat back down and something must have been choking me because I could not speak either.

“The guilty are always silent,” The Healer roared. “Blood, blood, blood must be the thing that cleanses Beatrice from her evil,” he sang. “But this is Katana, the son of Mateo and Sara. I have taken this boy into my house as one of my own, he does not as much as look at my bicycle, how can I believe he looks at my wife?” Njoro asked confused.

“Blood, blood, blood,” The Great Healer was possessed by the word. “He danced with your wife, he introduced her to alcohol and he won’t stop until he has taken her from you. Blood, blood, blood,” he sang some more.

“Is this true, Katana?” Njoro looked at me with every hope that I would say no but at this point, I was tired of the lies and always putting Beatrice in fixes and so I found myself nodding yes.

“Then my hand shall be the one that holds the blade,” Njoro said with fury in his eyes.

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